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Reindexing @Request control files

If there are indexing errors with @Request or if there are messages like the "diagnostics.txt" file in the @Requests directory contains a message of the form:

01/20/16 09:43:49 : Logs Manager : 0x0002
log not found 'Log not found'

What's going wrong?

This problem occurs if your @Requests log file gets too big or if it somehow gets corrupted. Here's how to fix it:

  1. First, back up your MainBoss directory in whatever way you usually do (e.g. making a ZIP file of the whole directory and copying it elsewhere).
  2. Download, a ZIP file containing a repair program.
  3. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the ZIP file you just downloaded. In the resulting menu, choose "Extract All". (The exact name of this action differs on different versions of Windows, but it should be obvious which option you need.) Extract it to some directory. For the sake of illustration, we'll say that you extract the contents of the ZIP file to C:\USERS\JSMITH. However, any directory is fine as long as it isn't the MainBoss directory itself or one of the special directories that Windows reserves for its own purposes.
  4. Make sure that no one is using MainBoss—the repair program will not run if anyone has an active MainBoss session. Also, stop the @Requests service.
  5. Open a command prompt window. In this window, CD to the directory that contains your MainBoss database. For example, you might type
    CD C:\MainBoss
  6. In the command prompt window, execute the command contained in the ZIP file with a command line like
    (You should replace the "C:\USERS\JSMITH" part of the above command with the directory where you extracted the contents of the ZIP file.)
  7. The program will create output something like this:
            Compacting table
            Installing compacted table
            Building new index file
            Compacting table
            Installing compacted table
            Building new index file
    Press 'Enter' to continue.
    When the program is finished, press the ENTER key and close the command prompt window.
  8. Restart the @Requests service.

You can execute the reindexing program anytime you encounter this problem.

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