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Free MainBoss System

The Free MainBoss system allows a single user to keep track of Maintenance Problems and their resolution. A client can submit the Maintenance Requests by e-mail, or by phone if you wish to type them in.

For no charge and for as long as needed, MainBoss will keep track of your organization's Maintenance Problems and their resolution for up to a maximum of 50 allowed Maintenance Requesters at one time. Maintenance Requestors can be added or removed at any time.

Also for no charge, MainBoss will keep track of buildings with their interior and exterior layouts. Equipment with their specifications can be placed in the buildings. There is no limit on the numbers of buildings or equipment that can be recorded.

Also for no charge, MainBoss will keep track of who was assigned to resolve the maintenance problems that occur.

Reports can be generated on Maintenance Requests, buildings and equipment. These reports can be filtered and grouped by a large number of criteria.

Extra modules may be purchased. These modules enable you to:

For more details see MainBoss Modules

Pricing for MainBoss with the additional Modules can be found at MainBoss Pricing. Modules can be purchased separately and added to an existing MainBoss configuration. Service call packages and training may be purchased.

Why are we giving away MainBoss for Free?

For small organizations that are not worried about keeping track of costs, the Free MainBoss version will often be sufficient. We also believe that these small organizations have not considered purchasing a CMMS system, even though they probably should have. MainBoss will benefit from the free advertising from all customers who benefit from using MainBoss.

We believe that there will be enough organizations willing to purchase the extra modules allowing the MainBoss product to be a profitable venture for Thinkage.

We would appreciate that your passing on the information to others of your use of MainBoss, and we thank you for the time you invest in learning about the system.

Download MainBoss 4.2 Update 1
from the Windows Store

Microsoft Store

The Windows Store version of MainBoss is the best version to download unless you need to install the MainBoss Service.

If you have difficulty downloading any MainBoss materials, please email us at or phone us at 1-800-563-0894.

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