MainBoss Basic 2.9 CMMS

MainBoss Basic Maintenance Software is a complete maintenance management package that has proven its worth in organizations of all sizes, including:

Powerful MainBoss Basic provides all of the following facilities:

MainBoss Basic Maintenance Software maximizes the value of your CMMS investment with a list price comparable to our closest competitors; this means that you see greater financial returns in a shorter period of time.

The afford ability and value of MainBoss Basic extends beyond your initial purchase. Our inexpensive annual support plan provides you with ongoing technical support, to make sure you get answers to all your questions.

Regardless of how much engineering goes into making a CMMS package easy to use, the true test comes in the form of feedback from end users. Since the inception of MainBoss Basic, our user base has praised our software for its ease of use.

For more about MainBoss Basic, see our list of MainBoss Basic features (PDF) and our system requirements page. Also see our downloads page, where you can obtain our slide-show that walks through the major features of MainBoss, as well as a free evaluation copy of the software.

You can also obtain information about MainBoss Basic by checking out our online documentation pages. These provide an introduction to MainBoss, plus a window-by-window description of what you'll see as you use the software.

Mid-size to large organizations may be interested in our later revisions of MainBoss. Check it out!