Preventive Maintenance Task Library

The MainBoss Preventive Maintenance Library contains common preventive maintenance tasks used in facilities maintenance. The tasks have come from various sources, including the U.S. GSA maintenance management descriptions.

These task descriptions are generic examples only. They show the general types of actions that might be performed for various types of preventive maintenance, and may be useful as a starting point for creating your own task descriptions. However, Thinkage takes no responsibility for their accuracy, suitability, or completeness. For maintaining any sort of equipment, always follow manufacturers' recommendations.

The PM Tasks library is organized into the following sections:

You may copy these tasks for your own use. If you are copying tasks to MainBoss CMMS, the first line consists of the Task code followed by the Subject. The remainder of each page can be copied and pasted into the task description.

Although great care has been taken to ensure that the material is both accurate and relevant, the general nature of the information provided means that we cannot assume responsibility for damages that may result from any errors or omissions when applied to equipment in your facility.

If you have tasks you feel would benefit other CMMS users, please email them to and we will review them for possible inclusion in the library.