Using an online service, our support personnel can help you install MainBoss on one of your computers. This includes the installation and configuration of SQL Server if necessary, as well as a ClickOnce interface if you choose to make that available to your users.

Essentially, you'll make it possible for us to sign on to the computer, then you'll be able to watch on your computer screen (and talk to us over the phone) so that you can follow what we're doing. You'll see all the steps involved, so that you can then install MainBoss on other computers at your site.

In order for us to provide this service, you'll have to login under a Windows name that has local Administrator rights on the computer involved. (How do you know if a login name has local Administrator rights? Right-click on any program on your desktop; if the resulting menu includes the entry "Run as Administrator", then the login name you're using has the necessary privileges.)

The cost of this service is one "support incident" as defined in your annual support agreement. If you want us to install MainBoss on many computers, the cost will be one support incident per hour of our time.

Implementation Services

MainBoss Maintenance Software has established a network of dealers, consultants and other business associates ready to help you get started with our software. At your request, one of our associates will meet with you to review your company's maintenance processes. The goal is to determine the most efficient and cost-effective method of merging MainBoss CMMS with your current practices.

The associate will help your maintenance department set up and use all aspects of MainBoss CMMS including Equipment Management, Work Orders and Work Requests, Facilities Management, Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Inventory Control, Purchasing/Receiving, and preparation of Reports.

The associate will follow up this process by offering additional assistance and training if required. The associate will also solicit feedback on what possible changes or improvements could be made in the implementation process.

For a list of MainBoss associates, click here. Otherwise, refer to Contact at the top of the window on how to contact us by phone.

Thinkage Ltd. offers special help for those upgrading from MainBoss Basic to MainBoss. For more information, click here.