Calculating the Purchase Cost of a MainBoss Package

MainBoss is a complete maintenance management package for maintenance departments of any size. See the description of MainBoss features .

The price is a one time charge to use the module for this version of MainBoss, although we do advise having a service contract which will keep MainBoss up to date with future versions.

Web training on the best usage of MainBoss may be purchased. Modules may be purchased separately and added to an existing MainBoss configuration for their incremental cost.

Planned Maintenance: Scheduling inspections and preventive maintenance
Scheduling inspections and preventive maintenance is one of the most important functions of a CMMS—you can switch from reactive maintenance where you're always playing catch-up to proactive maintenance where your work is more predictable and things go wrong less often. MainBoss can schedule maintenance jobs by calendar (e.g. "every three months"); by meter (e.g. "every 3000 miles"); or both.
Work Order Labor: Managing costs of maintenance workers and contractors
Adds employees, contractors and trades to MainBoss.

Before the job, you can estimate what labor and contractors will be needed. Afterwords, you can record exactly what was used, as well as information such as the cause of the problem, the length of time that equipment was down, and suggestions that might reduce problems in the future.

The Work Order Labor module also provides comprehensive reporting facilities. You can get a quick list of overdue jobs, a summary of all work done on a particular piece of equipment, detailed labor histories, and much more.
MainBoss Service: Two-way communication for workers and clients
Adds the ability using e-mail to notify maintenance workers of their work orders, or notify workers of changes in their work orders.

If the Web Access module has been purchased, those e-mails will have a web link to the work order.

The MainBoss Service module will automatically process requests sent in by e-mail rather than the manual entry method provide in MainBoss.

Requestors receive automated e-mail acknowledgments at various points in the progress of the work, keeping them informed and in the loop without needing "hand-holding" from maintenance personnel.

The less you have to talk to people on the phone, the more time you have for actual maintenance work.
Web Requests: Submitting work requests via the Web
This facility makes it possible for authorized people to submit work requests through a web site. Requestors specify their e-mail addresses, which are then checked against a list of authorized addresses.

If an e-mail address is properly authorized, the web site opens a page that allows the user to submit a simple request consisting of a subject line, a description of the problem, and an optional priority ranking. The resulting request is placed directly in the MainBoss database. Requestors receive automatic acknowledgments from the MainBoss Service module.
Web Access: Giving your workers web access to their work orders
This module provides the ability for workers to view assigned work orders, requests and inventory over the web subject to the other module licenses purchased.

Workers authenticate to the web site with a standard Windows login name and password. The workers then see any assigned work orders that are currently open, as well any assigned requests that are classified as "in progress." Clicking the entry for a work order or request will open a web page that shows the most important information from that record: exactly what a worker needs to do on a job.

When a job is finished, workers can use a web page to close the work order. this includes recording the actual time spent on the job, as well as the quantity of materials used provided that materials appeared on the work order when it was originally written up.

Workers can access these web pages using any web-enabled device, including high-end mobile devices (e.g. an iPhone or Android) as well as conventional computers.
Inventory: Managing spare parts and other materials
MainBoss tracks inventory costs, usage and location with the addition of materials and storerooms

Work orders have an added component to estimate and keep track of materials used in the work order.

Your work depends on the parts and materials you use—if you don't have the parts, you can't do the job. MainBoss lets you record what materials you have in every storeroom, letting you find parts quickly. Go directly to the storeroom with the parts rather than wandering around looking for them.

You can easily get reports on current inventory levels, including a list of materials that need to be reordered. In this way, you can make sure you never run out of the parts you need.
Purchasing: Purchasing and Receiving
Your department uses purchase orders to pay for materials and for the services of outside contractors. The Purchasing module lets you create such purchase orders so that you can track your expenses.

If you already have purchase order software, you can use the MainBoss purchasing facilities as a "purchase request" system: an easy way to write up preliminary purchase orders before creating real ones with your existing processes.
Accounting: Dealing with general ledger accounts
The Accounting module adds cost centers to MainBoss and ties the cost centers to your organization's general ledger accounts associated with the various expenses and revenues of your department.

MainBoss Accounting Records can be exported for use by other programs.
MainBoss Requests: Tracking problem reports
When someone reports a problem with your equipment and facilities, you can't let the report fall through the cracks. Work request management lets you record the problem reports you receive and make sure they're being handled. For some organizations, work request management is all you need: simple information on the work you need to do.

The Request Module is the only module included in the Free Version of MainBoss.
MainBoss Requestors are bought in groups of 50 requestors at a time
After 200 requestors the price does not change, and the actual number of requestors is unlimited.
MainBoss Users: People who can use all parts of MainBoss
MainBoss can be installed on as many computers as you wish, but only MainBoss users can use the MainBoss program. A single MainBoss user is free.
Multiple MainBoss users are purchased in 5 user groups.
Support Incidents: Get help with your problems with MainBoss
There is no charge for an incident caused by a software error if it is not already noted in the known problems. Incidents can be purchased as needed or for less money by prepaying for the support period. Two incidents can be exchanged for 1 hour of training to a maximum of 6 hour of training per support period. Support and training is only available for the current and previous releases of MainBoss.
Upgrades & Updates: Annual fee for updated versions of MainBoss
The annual fee is based on the value of the purchased MainBoss system. New versions of MainBoss have software fixes and new functionality. Updates are also done to keep up with changes that occur in the underlying hardware and operating systems.
Total cost of MainBoss

Discount available to upgrade from MainBoss Basic

Customers who have MainBoss Basic and have a current support contract receive a discount on the price of the MainBoss system. The discount requires that you purchase a minimum MainBoss configuration. Please see Upgrading from MainBoss Basic to MainBoss to calculate the price of the upgrade.

The above figure is not an official price quotation and applicable sales taxes are not included.

Please contact for an official price quotation.

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