The Benefits of MainBoss for Maintenance Workers

MainBoss won't fix such problems by magic, but it can set the stage for greater sanity on the job. How?

It's easier to prevent messes before they happen than to pick up the pieces afterward.
Emergencies bring out the worst in everybody...especially bosses. When the pressure is on, sometimes even the best bosses demand that you work miracles.
So avoiding pressure is good. The more your department can shift into preventive maintenance rather than playing "catch-up" (reacting to emergencies), the more you can do your work on a dependable schedule rather than having your bosses (and others!) lean on you.
Wouldn't it be nice to have fewer emergencies and off-hour calls?
Get information, not the runaround.
MainBoss can serve as a one-stop center for information of all kinds:
  • What spare parts or tools a job might need, and where everything is stored
  • Specifications for any equipment involved (including blueprints, drawings, manuals, safety notices, warranty information, and anything else that might be relevant).
  • Work histories on equipment and spaces so you know what you're getting into—if you know what's gone wrong before, you have a better chance of figuring out what's wrong this time
  • Comments from other workers...maybe even from yourself. How many times have you come away from a job thinking that you should make notes so you don't forget how you finally solved the problem? How many times have you actually been able to find the notes later? But with MainBoss, you can preserve such notes online and find them again easily.
Wouldn't it be nice to avoid the frustration of running around, trying to find some crucial piece of information hidden in some dusty filing cabinet?
The work order is your friend.
A good work order prevents confusion...and with MainBoss, work orders can be clear and precise, with whatever details you need to do the job.
No more hard-to-read scribbles...
No more showing up at a work site and looking like an idiot because you haven't been told enough about the situation...
No more push/pull—many different "bosses" wanting you to do many different things at the same time. You do the work on the work orders you're given; if anybody has other jobs for you or little "favors" they'd like done, their requests have to go through the scheduling process like every other work request.
No more hassles with people at the work site who tell you, "We can't let you work on that now." (Hand them the work order and ask them to sign off on the fact that they prevented you from doing the job. See if they're still ready to say no.)
Wouldn't it be nice if paperwork worked FOR you instead of against you?