The Benefits of a CMMS in Servicing Major Equipment

Factories, mines, water treatment plants, generating stations, and other such installations must maintain essential equipment. This leads to the following maintenance needs:

  1. The equipment has to keep running. If it goes down, production suffers and business can be lost (not to mention the wasted expense of personnel sitting around unable to do their jobs).
  2. Controlling your spare parts inventory is a major concern. You need to have the right spare parts on hand so that you can make repairs quickly. (You don't want to shut down for days while you wait for a part to be delivered.) At the same time, spare parts can be very expensive; you don't want too much money tied up in spare parts that you don't actually need.
  3. Equipment is often complex and highly specialized. Workers may need access to reference materials (manuals, diagrams, videos, etc.) in order to do many jobs.
  4. Owners, managers, and workers must protect themselves against liability claims from anyone injured on the premises.

How can a CMMS address these needs?