The Benefits of MainBoss for Maintenance Managers

From the perspective of a maintenance manager, here's how MainBoss addresses your maintenance pains:

More reliable operations
Well-maintained equipment keeps running. Poorly-maintained equipment can break down. In a manufacturing context, breakdowns cause production delays and lost revenue; in a facility, they interfere with smooth operations and annoy everybody who's affected. MainBoss makes it easier to maintain equipment proactively, finding potential problems before they turn into real headaches.
Wouldn't it be nice if most of your work was proactive rather than reactive—if you were calmly preventing problems rather than scrambling to fix them?
Better information, better organization
Pieces of paper are hard to keep organized and easy to lose. When your information is stored in a computer it's much easier to locate...and you can print off as many copies as you need. MainBoss makes it easy to keep track of schedules, expenses, spare parts, and all the other aspects of your maintenance operations.
Wouldn't it be nice if you never again had to worry about information falling through the cracks?
Better information, better decisions
Where does your department really spend its money? Where do your workers really spend their time?
When you have clear and accurate answers to these questions, you can make well-informed decisions; otherwise, you're just shooting in the dark. For example, if your people spend 80% of their time on a given type of activity, that's an area where any improvement may give you a big bang for the buck. Spending time trying to optimize lesser activities won't give as big returns.
MainBoss doesn't just let you keep records of what your department is doing. It lets you create reports that analyze the data, providing summaries, comparisons, rankings, and everything else you need in order to know where your operations stand.
Wouldn't it be nice to have hard facts and figures to support your decisions?
Better information, better justification
Maintenance managers have to keep a lot of people happy. Upper management want you to keep costs down. The people who call your department want you to perform miracles. (Some people think every problem is urgent.) The best way to buy yourself breathing space is know what you can and can't do, and just how valuable your department is. MainBoss reports can back you up at budget time and can make sure you have an answer to any question a customer asks.
When people ask, "What are we paying for?" wouldn't it be nice to hand them an itemized report that proves their money is well-spent?
Identify where to spend money most effectively
Maintenance managers need to look at the big picture. For example, MainBoss can help you keep track of the causes of your problems. If you look back at the month and have two problems due to normal wear and tear, one due to vandalism, and forty-five due to operator errors, you have a strong case for suggesting that your company put money into operator training. (Not only might you save yourself some headaches, but you might save the company money too.)
Similarly, MainBoss records can help you notice if some of your own workers need extra training. You can also detect unexpected losses of inventory, patterns of little problems that might suggest underlying big problems, and other situations that may not be obvious day-to-day but become apparent when you look at overview reports of your operations.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could see the forest AND the trees?
See what's on the horizon
How long will your current equipment last? What big jobs are coming up sometime in future?
MainBoss can report on the future as well as the past, provided you record the data that MainBoss needs. For example, when you buy a significant piece of equipment, MainBoss lets you record the expected lifetime that's given in the manufacturer's specifications. Later on, one easy-to-get report will tell you which of your assets are reaching the end of their lifetimes.
As another example of planning for the future, MainBoss lets you add a lead-time to preventive maintenance tasks, so that work orders are prepared well in advance of the jobs themselves. This lets you see anything big that might be coming, so that you can readjust your staff's workload if necessary.
Wouldn't it be nice to have some warning of coming risks?
Solve your headaches without getting new ones
MainBoss is fast and easy to use, even for people without much computer experience. It was designed to minimize "computer time" and maximize "tool time". Your staff can be trained to use it in a day (with another day of training for whoever has to set up the initial data and supervise how the system is used).
Wouldn't it be nice to keep track of all your operations without a lot of extra complication or overhead?