The Benefits of MainBoss for Maintenance Customers

A maintenance "customer" is anyone who receives maintenance services from a maintenance department, whether it's people in the same company or outside parties (e.g. tenants served by a property management company). Here's how MainBoss addresses the customer's maintenance pains:

Fewer problems
MainBoss makes it easier for maintenance departments to keep up with preventive maintenance. Well-maintained equipment and premises mean less trouble and greater safety for the customer.
The fewer maintenance calls, the better. A customer simply wants everything to work. Period.
Complaints don't fall through the cracks
Once a problem report has been logged with MainBoss, it's in the system. The report will be on the books until maintenance personnel mark it as officially closed. If the maintenance department gets busy with more urgent matters, other jobs aren't forgotten; every job stays in the database to remind workers of what still needs to be addressed.
You can rest easy; a CMMS makes sure that complaints don't get lost in the shuffle.
Clear lines of communication
Customers want a no-hassle way to report problems, and they want their complaint to be seen by anyone who needs to see it. They don't want to give details to a secretary, then discover that the information hasn't been passed on to the people who'll actually do the job. If they call up the maintenance department to see what progress has been made, they want answers, not a runaround.
MainBoss acts as a repository for all the information relevant to a job. Maintenance workers can share that information with each other and with the customer.
Better communication means better feedback
How many customers submit a problem report and then hear nothing but silence? They don't know if anyone is working on their problem; they may not even be informed when the job is done. But the MainBoss Service Module automatically keeps customers informed about what's going on.
Customers want to be kept in the loop. MainBoss gives them confirmations and other feedback to show they aren't being ignored.
Documentation is available
After a job is finished, the customer might want a clear statement on what was done. This is exactly the sort of information MainBoss records. Therefore, the maintenance department has all the data it needs to give customers an accurate and detailed "audit" of the job (including dates, times, costs, and any other information the maintenance department deems appropriate).
When a customer wants an explicit statement of work, the maintenance department can provide one.