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Your maintenance may be complex.
Managing it shouldn't be.

MainBoss from Thinkage Ltd. helps you optimize your company's maintenance operations:

  • managing work orders
  • scheduling inspections and preventive maintenance
  • tracking work requests
  • controlling inventory, including optimized restocking and determining the location of spare parts
  • supervising purchasing and receiving
  • web access to important information

MainBoss is a simple and economical way to reduce your costs and manage your resources more effectively.

What is a CMMS?

A CMMS software package gives you the information you need to get the most out of your maintenance department. For example, the software can keep track of preventive maintenance schedules, service contracts, problem reports, and material inventories. Managers can allocate people and equipment more effectively; workers can eliminate the headaches of wasted time and effort. For more about the benefits of CMMS, see Why Buy a CMMS? and What's in it for Me?.

Which organizations can benefit from using a CMMS?

Maintenance management software is used by organizations of all sizes in every market sector. For a discussion of the benefits of CMMS in your sector, check out the links below:

What sets MainBoss apart from other CMMS packages?

MainBoss Advanced is a full-functioned CMMS package at an affordable price:

  • Problem tracking, work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, equipment asset management, inventory control, purchasing/receiving, and more
  • Sophisticated reporting and analysis facilities to give a clear picture of where your time and money is spent
  • Clear and simple conceptual model reduces your learning curve

MainBoss is easy to use and easy to afford, while providing the bang for the buck that you need. To see just how simple and powerful MainBoss really is, why not check out our options for trial evaluations of our software?

MainBoss: Maintenance solutions...simplified.

Note: CMMS packages may also be called Facilities Asset Management Systems (FAMS) or Facilities Maintenance Management Systems (FMMS). For more information on CMMS terms, see our glossary.

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