Software Updates - @Requests 1.2, Update 4

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The most recent update is MainBoss @Requests 1.2, Update 4. To download the update, click here. The download file is named mbrequests124.exe and is approximately 1.8 MB in size.

In order to use this update, you must have an appropriate license key.


Before you install this version of @Requests, you must have installed MainBoss Basic, Version 2.9, Update 5 or later. To download the MainBoss update, click here.

To install the @Requests update:

  1. Back up your database files before taking any other action.

  2. Run the downloaded program. You can do this by finding the mbrequests124.exe program using Windows Explorer, then double-clicking on the program name.
  3. After installing the new software, you must re-enter your POP3 server password. To do so, start the @Requests configuration program and select Administration -> Email from the menu. @Requests will open a window where you can enter the POP3 information.

Important Reading

If you are using @Requests with Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange, you must configure them appropriately. Click here for information.

@Requests has difficulty dealing with e-mail sent in HTML format. Click here for more information.

Documentation for using @Requests is available here (PDF).

New in MainBoss @Requests 1.2, Update 4

Previous versions had a bug that sometimes prevented POP3 passwords from being saved. This has now been fixed.

Previously, email that was encoded in quoted-printable format sometimes didn't have soft carriage-returns decoded properly. This has now been fixed.

New in MainBoss @Requests 1.2, Update 3

Update 3 has fixed a bug related to acknowledgements. @Requests is supposed to send acknowledgements back to requestors if their request has been transferred into a work order and if their work order has been rescheduled. Previously, @Requests only deemed a work order as rescheduled if the "Work Interval" changed. Now, @Requests also recognizes rescheduling if the "Work Start" date changes.

New in MainBoss @Requests 1.2, Update 2

Update 2 has new user options (preferences) to turn off/on inclusion of "W/O Closing Comments" in the E-mail Acknowledgements. The default is off.

Update 2 has new user options (preferences) to turn off/on checking of Completed and Voided Bins for status changes (for example, if a work order has been re-opened). The default is off for both options.

Fixed SMTP bug: @Requests now recognizes multi-line responses.

Fixed a minor bug related to accounts. When the EVERYONE account is disabled and the requestor's email isn't found in the Contacts table, then requests should be rejected. In earlier versions, such requests were merely ignored, not put in the Rejected bin.

Fixed a minor bug: if a broken link is detected between a work request and a work order ("Transferred but no W/O" message) then the corresponding log is now rejected.

New in MainBoss @Requests 1.2, Update 1

@Requests now decodes email headers and bodies that have been encoded by base64 or quoted-printable encodings.

@Requests now recognizes Reply-to addresses in the email header, and sends acknowledgements to the Reply-to address if present.

New in MainBoss @Requests 1.2

This version of the software has been updated to work with MainBoss Basic databases. Do not install this software until you have installed MainBoss Basic 2.9.

This version of MainBoss @Requests also uses the new license key scheme. Therefore you should have an appropriate @Requests license key before installing. (License keys will be sent to all @Requests customers who are up-to-date with the Basic Value or Deluxe Value support plan.)