MainBoss Advanced, Version 4.1.3:
Migrating from MainBoss Basic to MainBoss Advanced


Installing MainBoss Advanced and Important MainBoss Basic Data

  1. Open Migrating from MainBoss Basic to MainBoss Advanced (PDF) so you can consult it during this process.
  2. Follow "Preparation for Migration" in the Migrating guide to prepare your MainBoss Basic database for migration. In particular, make sure you clean up your MainBoss Basic database in accordance with the Recommended Clean-Up Procedures.
  3. On the computer where SQL Server is running, login to an account with Windows Administrator and SQL Server Administrator privileges.
  4. Extract contents of ZIP file and execute setup.exe to install MainBoss Advanced.
    (Do not execute the .msi file directly.)
  5. Follow "The Migration Process" in the Migration Guide to export data from MainBoss Basic and create a MainBoss Advanced database in SQL Server.
  6. Start MainBoss and look at the results.
    • If the migration seems to have gone correctly, you can proceed to install MainBoss Advanced on any other computer where users may wish to run it. Remember that .NET 4.6, CLR Types for SQL Server, and ReportViewer 2015 must be installed on every computer where you wish to use MainBoss Advanced.
    • If you encountered difficulties, see the Installation and Administration Guide (PDF) for trouble-shooting help.
  7. If you wish some or all of your users to use MainBoss in ClickOnce mode, download and install the necessary software.
  8. If you have licensed MainBoss Service, configure and start it now. (For more information, see the Installation and Administration Guide (PDF).)
  9. If you have licensed the Web Access and/or Web Request modules:
    • Extract the ZIP file's contents, then follow the installation instructions in Appendix C of the MainBoss Advanced Installation and Administration manual.

Known Problems

Click here for a list of known problems in this version of MainBoss Advanced.

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