What's New in MainBoss 4.2, Update 3

The following changes have been made from earlier versions of MainBoss.

  1. You can now change the timing of a maintenance plan by selecting a different timing definition instead of creating a new maintenance plan or changing the actual timing period of a Maintenance Timing that is in use.
  2. The caption of the Unit Maintenance Plan edit form now includes the task identification. Reports that identified a unit maintenance plan will also include the Task identification.
  3. The creation of a database using MB 2.9 import data now correctly creates distinct subtasks for MB 2.9 Assigned Units where the Task Code is the same as the parent task code and there are other distinct differences between the parent and sub-task.
  4. Report filters that used the "Is one of" condition can now be saved in report templates. Previously, the error message "The method or operation is not implemented" would be issued.
  5. The MainBoss service has been corrected to process an email with an empty subject string.
  6. MainBoss sets the compatibility level of a new (created) database to 100 to ensure MainBoss performs as originally designed. Please refer to our known problem description at Performance Issue for a detailed description of why this is necessary and how it may affect you if you created your database prior to MainBoss 4.2, Update 3.

NOTE: The following require an optional database upgrade step to be done after installing Update 3 for the changes to be effective.

  1. Corrected the Unit Replacement Forecast Report that would get an Arithmetic overflow error.
  2. Some reports that were using an incorrect time of day constant for rounding to day precision have been corrected.

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The current release is MainBoss 4.2 Update 4