What's New in MainBoss 4.2, Update 1

The following changes have been made from earlier versions of MainBoss.

  1. Corrected a problem with bad meter readings that prevented generation of work orders with an 'Object reference not found' error. All errors during generation are now aggregated together and become part of the error report presented to the user.
  2. Multiple selection for deletion of some table records has been corrected, notably on Email Requests.
  3. MainBoss Service e-mail processing has been improved to avoid issues for non-domain connected computers, including
    • Create Requestors to work for non-domain connected computers.
    • Do not create Requests if the email received is identifiable as Auto-Submitted.
    • Allow retrieval of more than 2 email messages from outlook.com due to a collection changed error.
    • Include the communication IMAP log for diagnostic details when retrieving email with diagnostics.
    • Stale messages (messages over 30 days old) are now retrieved and deleted from the server. They will not be made into Requests automatically but are flagged for manual processing.
  4. Allow a readonly file to be used when setting the Company Logo image in Administration.
  5. Avoid situation where the MainBoss Service log was too large to be refreshed successfully.
  6. Inhibited Unit Maintenance Plans show up in the generation Error log, but do not cause a popup error list. Only the Inhibited status of the plan is reported; any other errors are suppressed for this plan.
  7. Provide "Defaults for Task Resource" tab on Task Browser that allows you to change the default settings for Task Resources similar to what is provided with "Defaults for Work Order Resource Demand" on the Work Order browser.
  8. Corrected a problem where Requestors would be created for email addresses that were not in the site Active Directory despite having the option "Automatically Create Requestors from Email" set to false.
  9. The Unit Maintenance Plan browser display is updated with a revised Next Available Date when the scheduling basis is changed.
  10. An 'Object reference not found' error trying to upgrade old MainBoss databases (pre 3.4.2) to this version has been corrected.

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The current release is MainBoss 4.2 Update 4