What's New in MainBoss 4.1, Update 1

MainBoss Advanced 4.1 Update 1 contains the following changes and enhancements:

  1. The new release requires MainBoss license keys with expiry dates of January 1, 2016 or later.
  2. The "Item Usage" report has been renamed "Item Usage by Parts" to clarify that the report shows which units use which items as parts.
  3. The new release improves performance for a variety of operations including the Inventory Activity report, the Task table viewer, generation of preventive maintenance work orders, and the general behavior of table viewers.
  4. Various item-related reports now allow filtering by vendor.
  5. Reports related to purchase orders now let you display the cost centers associated with individual line items (if you wish). Similarly, reports related to work orders now let you display the cost centers associated with individual resources (if you wish). In both cases, you must checkmark the appropriate fields in the "Field Selection" section of the report window.
  6. This version supports two ways of specifying a unit location for a request created with the Web Requests facility.

    The first way uses an autocomplete approach: users can type a few characters, after which the web page displays a list of unit names matching those characters. The user can pick the appropriate unit name from the list.

    Alternatively, organizations can disable autocomplete. In this case, the user simply types in a name. After the request is submitted, MainBoss looks at what the user typed, and tries to match it to a unique unit location (specifically a unit's external tag). If no match is found, the request simply shows whatever the user typed in. This will have to be changed to a real unit before creating a work order from the request.

    For information on how to turn autocomplete on and off, see Unit Code Autocomplete.
  7. In the previous version of MainBoss, web pages were not always displayed in the user's chosen language—the first page was in the correct language, but subsequent pages were always in English. In this version, the bug has been corrected.
  8. Depending on the options you set for MainBoss Service, requestors may be automatically added to your Requestors table when new requests are received. As a result, it's possible that the number of requestors in the table may exceed the number you are licensed for. In this case, MainBoss will not let you add new requestors to the Requestors table until you increase your license or manually delete some of the requestors who are already in the table. MainBoss Service will not be able to add new users to the table either. Every time you start MainBoss, an error message will be displayed telling you about the problem; a similar error message will be displayed in the License table viewer.

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