What's New in MainBoss 3.4, Update 2

The following lists changes between MainBoss Advanced 3.4, Update 2, and the previous release.

  1. The View menu now contains the entry Show compact browsers. If this is checkmarked, table viewers will not show details from the currently selected record. This makes it possible to show many more records in the table viewer window.
  2. The Assigned to current user now displays more information.
  3. The unit maintenance plan table viewer has a new button: Correct Missing Schedule Basis. This is similar to Select Scheduling Basis but lets you specify a scheduling basis for several unit maintenance plans at once.
  4. Some labels have changed in the Exceptions section of maintenance timing records. The options still have the same effect; the change is simply intended to make the options' meanings more clear.
  5. You can now use MBUtility to import Requestors, Users, Request Assignees, Purchase Order Assignees, and Work Order Assignees.
  6. If you turn on maximum logging in Administration | MainBoss Service, you will now get more diagnostic information to help you in configuring MainBoss Service.
  7. In recent versions of MainBoss, the "Duration" was sometimes calculated incorrectly in generated PM work orders, if the work order was generated from task specializations. This has been corrected.
  8. In some reports, monetary amounts were being displayed even if the person who generated the report didn't have appropriate permissions. This has been corrected.
  9. Previous versions had a bug which would cause errors in reports if a location name was too long. This has been fixed.

Whats new in the preceding release MainBoss 3.4 Update 1

Whats new in the following release MainBoss 4.0

The current release is MainBoss 4.2 Update 4