What's New in MainBoss 3.3, Update 2

The following lists changes between MainBoss Advanced 3.3, Update 2 and the previous release.

Major Changes

  1. MainBoss is now able to operate in Spanish. If you have specified a Spanish language in your Windows "Regional and Language Options", MainBoss will automatically operate in Spanish whenever you start it up. Otherwise, it will operate in English.

    Certain data in the database is locked into one language or another at the time the database is created. For example, if the person who creates a database has his or her language set to Spanish, then Security Roles in Administration | Security Roles will be created with Spanish names; otherwise, they will be created with English names. These names are then set forever—they will not change if you change your operating language.

    If you access MainBoss through the web (using the Web Access and/or Web Requests module), the language you see will be determined by the language settings in your browser. For example, if you use Internet Explorer and have told it that you prefer to operate in Spanish, MainBoss will interact with you in Spanish; otherwise, it interacts with you in Spanish. (If you change your browser settings from one language to another, you may need to quit your browser and start it up again, or even log off Windows and login again.)

Minor Changes

  1. Unit of Measure information has been added to a number of windows related to purchasing, restocking, and storeroom assignments. For example, when you specify an item for a purchase order, you will see the unit of measure for that item in the Purchase Item window.
  2. When submitting requests through Web Requests web pages, special characters like "&" sometimes weren't handled correctly. This has now been fixed.
  3. In the previous release, requestors could only add comments to one of their requests after the request had been marked "In Progress". Now they can add comments while the request is still in the Draft state.
  4. In the previous release, maintenance timing records required you to enter two digits for both day and month in "Season Start" and "Season End" dates. For example, July would have to be represented numerically as "07" and the first of the month would have to be represented as "01". You can now omit the leading zero if there is one. (The sample date given on the same line shows the format you must use when entering dates; this is based on your current Windows settings.)
  5. A slight change in behavior now allows you to get a brief report summarizing how much you spent for maintenance on each unit over a given period of time. You do this using the Work Order History Report. Make sure that Suppress Costs is off. Group the report by Unit and turn off all the "Show" boxes. The result will be a cost summary for each unit.
  6. The previous release contained a bug where e-main notification messages sometimes contained comment lines from several work orders. This has now been fixed.
  7. The previous release contained a bug that prevented the printing of work descriptions, work categories, and work order priorities when printing tasks. This has now been fixed.

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