What's New in MainBoss 3.2, Update 2

The following lists changes between MainBoss Advanced 3.2, Update 2, and the previous release.

  1. Program performance has been speeded up in several areas, particularly the generation of certain reports.
  2. Times on reports related to work orders are now formatted in HH:MM format (e.g. 2:30 means two hours, thirty minutes).
  3. The previous release of MainBoss had a bug that caused a concurrency problem in rare cases when actualizing an item demand. This has been fixed.
  4. Searches on tree-structured tables (e.g. units and locations) sometimes found records in an order different than the order displayed in the table. This has been corrected.
  5. The "Create New Organization from Backup" operation previously did not check that the specified database was actually new. This has been corrected—you will not be able to create an organization unless there is no other database with the given name on the given database server.
  6. The Upgrade process in the previous release didn't always preserve user IDs in work order history records. This has been corrected.
  7. Under certain rare circumstances, the use of "Change Scheduling Parameters" during "Generate Planned Maintenance" resulted in an error. This bug has been corrected.
  8. The "Description" field was missing in certain Searches on item locations. This has been corrected.
  9. In the previous release of MainBoss, the process of importing databases from MainBoss Basic required SQL Server to have specific collation properties. This would cause trouble if the instance of SQL Server had different properties. The problem has now been corrected.
  10. In some instances, an error would occur in predicting meter values, which would then set an invalid "next schedule date". This has been corrected.
  11. In some cases, MainBoss would get an error when adding item demands to specialized tasks. This has now been corrected.
  12. Several problems have been corrected relating to the use of expense categories associated with item demands in tasks.
  13. The previous release of MainBoss displayed a "Correct" button for line items on draft purchase orders. This button didn't work, because corrections aren't necessary on draft POs—you can just edit line items directly. (Corrections are only necessary once you've created actual accounting data in connection with the PO: i.e. when you've recorded an actual receipt and its cost.)

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The current release is MainBoss 4.2 Update 4