CMMS Prices in General

When you're looking at prices for maintenance management systems, it's important to look at the cost of everything you need.

In our experience, some vendors start by telling you a rock bottom price that doesn't include support, training, or anything else you might need to get started. At MainBoss, however, we want to understand the specifics of your situation before we give a price quote; we don't want to give you a "low-ball" price on some deal that doesn't include everything you need.

Some companies will require in-depth training; others may get by on the basics; a few may not need training at all. Some companies will significantly benefit from add-on packages like MainBoss @Requests; for others, it might not match the way you work. Instead of misleading you with a "bare bones" price list, we'd rather give you an itemized quote on a package that really fits your operations.

When comparing the price of MainBoss to other CMMS products, make sure you're comparing the real price of all the packages, including your internal costs. If Package X includes training and Package Y doesn't, Package Y will likely be cheaper and seem like a better deal...but if you need training and you don't get it, you can waste a lot of job time and money trying to figure out how the product works!

MainBoss Prices

The price of a MainBoss license depends on several factors:

The number of users your site will have.
For MainBoss Basic, this means the number of people who might use MainBoss simultaneously on different computers in your network. For MainBoss, this means the total number of people who will be authorized to use MainBoss at your site.

The number of people you might have submitting work requests.
Your regular maintenance staff will probably be concurrent users. In addition, you may authorize other people in your organization to submit problem reports (e.g. by email); for example, a school board might authorize a secretary at each school in the district to submit problem reports for that school.

How much help you'll need with set-up and support.
MainBoss and its dealers are happy to help you set up your operations in a productive manner. We'll also be glad to train your people how to use MainBoss. Many organizations have found MainBoss easy to use without help...but some would prefer advice for getting started.

Once you've determined this information (particularly the number of concurrent users and work request submitters), we'd be happy to supply you with price information. You can ask for a price request in any of the following ways:

When contacting us, please be sure to specify:

  1. Which MainBoss product(s) you're interested in
  2. Your preferred currency (U.S. or Canadian dollars)
  3. The number of users and work request submitters you'd like to license