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Tables let you record information about your organization. For example, you use tables to record information about your work sites, your suppliers, and so on. Before you begin entering work orders, the information in your tables should be completed as far as possible.

When using the MainBoss program, you can find tables in several different places:

With many tables, you can specify a default entry for the table. For example, in the Storerooms table you can specify a particular storeroom to be the default. This is useful if you have a main storeroom where you keep most of your spare parts and materials. If you don't explicitly say that an inventory item comes from some other storeroom, MainBoss will assume the item comes from the default storeroom.

Default entries are specified with the Administration menu. For more information, see MainBoss Administration.

Some tables are used more often than others. For example, the Buildings table is used in almost everything you do with MainBoss. This table lists the buildings controlled by your organization; therefore, you refer to the table when you need to specify the location of a piece of equipment, the destination for deliveries of inventory materials, the site of a problem report, and so on. Because the Buildings table is used so much, most organizations will find it useful to set up this table as soon as you start using MainBoss, before you try to do anything else.

There are several other tables that are useful to set up early on. For more information, see Recommended Tables.

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