Exporting Data

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MainBoss can export data from a report in a format that lets you use the data with another computer program. For example, you could export data for use with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access; you could then use Excel or Access to create a customized report based on that data.

MainBoss can export data in two formats:

To export data in either format, you click the Export button in the window for printing a report. MainBoss opens a standard Windows "Save as" dialog where you can specify the name of the file that should hold the exported data. The Save as type field gives the following choices:

As a simple example, here are a few lines of information from the Units report, exported using the last format listed above. (The lines have been truncated to fit on the page.)

S,320 RBC        ,RICHMOND BAKERIES 320 TOWER   ,...
S,330 3RD        ,RICHMOND BAKERIES             ,...
S,AA             ,ALGARD AUDITS                 ,...

The first line gives field names: UNTYPE (Unit type), UNCODE (Unit code), UNDESC (Unit description) and so on. Subsequent lines give information about various units. In the UNTYPE field, the value is either S for Space or E for Equipment. The UNCODE is the identifier code from the Space or Equipment Table, and the UNDESC is the description from the same table. Subsequent fields on the line provide more information about the unit.

MainBoss 2.9 exports substantially more information than earlier versions of MainBoss. For example, when MainBoss exports data from a report pertaining to work orders, the data contains all the data from all the relevant work orders (even if data that would not be printed in the report itself).

Note: Upon request, MainBoss support will provide detailed information about database field names and storage formats.

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