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MainBoss Referral Programs

The MainBoss Referral Program rewards existing customers when they successfully recommend MainBoss to another organization. Just by telling us about friends who might be interested in MainBoss, you could earn great rewards like hotel stays, dinner at a restaurant of your choice, gift certificates to your favorite stores, or plain old cash. The choice is yours!

Here's how the program works:

  1. Click here to fill out a Referral Information Sheet. On that sheet, you'll enter information about yourself and the organization you're referring to us.
  2. Once you submitted the form, you'll receive an acknowledgement when your referral information has been received.
  3. If the organization you recommend does license MainBoss (and keeps the software past the 30-day trial period), we'll send you email instructions on how to choose a thank-you reward from MainBoss headquarters. Current rewards include gift certificates and cash.

The MainBoss Referral Program is a great way to bring more organizations into the MainBoss customer community while earning free thank-you gifts. So reward yourself! Do your friends and colleagues a favor and submit a referral today.

Note: The program only applies for referrals to other organizations, not to other sites of your own company.

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