MainBoss Service Desk

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The MainBoss Service Desk is an option for organizations that want to allow non-maintenance personnel to submit work requests. (MainBoss @Requests serves the same function and is typically easier to use. However, Service Desk is a good alternative for organizations that don't have email.)

When you install the regular MainBoss package, the installation procedure automatically installs both regular MainBoss and Service Desk. (These will appear in the Programs menu that you see when you click on the Windows Start button.) This lets you start either MainBoss itself or Service Desk from any system where MainBoss has been installed.

Installing Service Desk: To install Service Desk on a system, simply run the usual MainBoss installation program as described in Installing on a Local Network.

Before you can run Service Desk, you must record an appropriate license key that authorizes the use of Service Desk. You will be given such a key when you license Service Desk. To enter the license key, follow the steps given in Registering MainBoss.

Once you have entered the license key, you can run Service Desk on any system where it has been installed. To do this, you just click on the Service Desk entry in the Windows Programs menu (obtained when you click the Windows Start button). When Service Desk starts, it displays a window similar to the starting window for MainBoss. However, the menu bar only contains the Session menu (for logging in under a user name and for exiting the program), the Requests menu for working with work requests, and the Help menu for obtaining online help. For information on using these menus, see the appropriate sections of this guide (particularly Creating and Editing a New Work Request).

Note: Your license sets a limit on the number of Service Desk users just as it sets a limit on the number of MainBoss users. Once you reach the limit of people who are allowed to connect to the database using Service Desk, additional people will not be allowed to start up Service Desk.

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