Registering MainBoss

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When you license any MainBoss software package, you are given a license key that should be used to register your software. Essentially, you enter the license key to validate your MainBoss database use for a particular software package. Until you enter a valid license key, the database will only work with the software in demonstration mode.

Typically, you get a new license key whenever you license a new package. You also get new license keys if you upgrade a package or renew your Annual Support Plan subscription. When you get a new license key, you should enter the key as soon as possible.

To enter a new license key:

  1. Start the MainBoss program by clicking the Start button on your Windows desktop, then click Programs, then MainBoss, then MainBoss.
  2. Before you can enter the new key, you must login as ADMINISTRATOR. Therefore, click Login on the Session menu.
  3. In "User Name", type ADMINISTRATOR.
  4. In "Password", type the appropriate password. (This will be the password given to you when you installed the software, unless you have changed the password to something else.)
  5. Click Ok to close the password window.
  6. Click License Keys on the Administration menu. MainBoss displays the License Key browser, listing any existing license keys.
  7. Click New. MainBoss opens a window where you can enter the new key.
  8. In "License Key" type the license key you have been given by MainBoss headquarters.
  9. Click Save to save the license key, then click Cancel to close the window.
  10. Click Done to close the License Key browser.
Note: The new license key will replace any previous keys for the same package. For example, if you enter a new license key for @Requests, it will replace any previous keys for @Requests.

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