Backing Up Your MainBoss Database

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The MainBoss backup process creates a compressed form of your MainBoss database: a single file containing all the information of your database, stored in a special format that takes up less disk space. Here are some situations when you should create a backup file:

To create a backup file, select Administration —> Database —> Backup from the menu. MainBoss will display a normal File Save window asking you to specify a name for the backup file. (Files are expected to have the file name extension .MZH.) Once you have entered a name, MainBoss will ask if it is all right to proceed with the backup. Click Ok to proceed.

Note: Before you begin a backup process, make sure that no one else is using the database. This means that everyone else should quit MainBoss before you start the backup; MainBoss will not perform the backup if anyone else is using the database.

After the backup process finishes, MainBoss displays a window indicating whether or not the process was successful. Click Ok to return to the MainBoss window.

Once you have created a backup file, you can treat it like any other file. For example, you can copy it to another location or delete the file when you no longer need it. You can also restore your database from the file, as described in Restoring Your Database From Backup.

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