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Reindexing means cleaning up your MainBoss database and rebuilding its indexes. Usually, the only time you have to do this is when you install a new version of MainBoss. However, it may also be necessary if part of your database has been damaged (for example, by hardware problems or a power failure).

Important: MainBoss will not let you reindex the database if anyone else is currently using MainBoss. Therefore, you should make sure that all other users at your site quit MainBoss before you attempt to reindex.

To begin reindexing your database, select Administration —> Database —> Re-Index from the menu. MainBoss displays a window that contains the following:

When you click Ok, MainBoss will begin the reindexing process. As this process takes place, MainBoss reports which files are being reindexed. When MainBoss tells you the reindexing is finished, click Ok to close the window.

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