Restoring Your Database From Backup

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Ideally, you should never have to restore your database using a backup file. However, if your existing database files become damaged (for example, due to hardware failure), you may need to return to a previously saved backup.

When you restore a database, MainBoss asks you to specify a directory where MainBoss should store the various files associated with that database. This should not be the same directory as your existing database—even if you want the restored files to take the place of your existing database, restore to a different directory first.

To restore from a backup file, select Administration —> Database —> Restore from the menu. MainBoss will display a window that contains the following:

Using a Restored Database: Once you have restored the database, there are two ways to use it:

Note: Make sure you keep track of which database you are using. If you are in doubt, look at the title line in the main MainBoss window—it tells you the directory containing your database files. Changes that you make in one database do not affect the other, so don't get confused about which database you are actually using. If you intend to replace your standard database with the restored one, restore the database, check the restored database to make sure the data looks all right, and then copy the restored data over the standard data.

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