Browsing Work Orders

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The Work Order browser displays existing work orders (whether open or closed). It can also be used to create new work orders and to print existing work orders.

For general information on browsers, see Browsers and Editors.

To start the Work Order browser, select Work Orders —> Browse Work Orders from the menu. The browser window contains the following:

Note: The list of summaries is sorted in alphabetical order, not in the same order as the work order numbers. This makes it easier to find a work order when you don't know the number but do know the summary. However, sorting in this way means that the "W/O Number" and "Subject" lists are in different orders (one numeric, one alphabetical). Therefore, a particular work order number and its associated summary will not usually line up beside each other on the screen.
Note: When you void a closed work order, MainBoss does not adjust material levels automatically. For example, suppose that a closed work order describes work on a forklift truck and says that the work used a fan belt; at the time the work order was closed, your inventory records on fan belts would be revised to say that you have one less fan belt (since one fan belt was used in the work order). If you later void the work order, MainBoss does not adjust your inventory records to add back the fan belt. If appropriate, you must adjust the inventory records yourself using an appropriate inventory adjustment (as described in Adjustments). The reason for this is that voiding a closed work order is an unusual operation—it says that you didn't really do work that you previously claimed you did. In such a situation, we have found that it is better for users to make adjustments by hand rather than have MainBoss change things automatically.

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