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For some maintenance jobs, you may only be permitted to do the work at a particular time of day, or when you have obtained permission from a particular person. MainBoss records this information in the form of access codes. An access code states any conditions that may apply to particular work orders.

If you create several access codes and a particular access code is used more often than others, the most frequently used code can be specified in the "Access" field in Administration.

(For preventive maintenance work orders, the default access code is specified in the task description. If you have not specified a default access code in work order preferences or in a task description, the default access code is the one associated with the equipment or space associated with the work order.)

The Access Code table is a simple table; for more information, see Simple Tables. You access the Access Code browser with Work Orders —> Tables —> Access Codes. Entries in the Access Codes table consist of:

For example, a code might be AFTER5 and the description might be ONLY AFTER 5 PM.

For general information on browsers, see Browsers and Editors.

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