Creating an Attachment

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The first step in creating an attachment is to make sure MainBoss's Viewing Programs table contains an entry for the program(s) needed to display and print the file. For example, if the file is a document written in Microsoft Word, the Viewing Programs table should contain an entry for Microsoft Word. If the Viewing Programs table doesn't contain an appropriate entry, you should add such an entry.

For more information about examining the Viewing Programs table and adding entries to it, see Viewing Programs.

The next step in creating an attachment is to open the record for the equipment or space to which the file will be attached. Go to the Specifications section of the record and click the New Attachment button. MainBoss will open a window where you can specify the attachment file and its viewing program. This window contains the following:

Note: If you leave the "Viewing Program" field blank, MainBoss will open the attached file using the Windows software that is associated with that type of file. For example, if you attach an HTML file (indicated by the file name extension .htm or .html), MainBoss will open the file with whatever software is supposed to open that kind of file (typically a web browser). For more information about standard file associations, see the documentation for your Windows system.

When you close this window, MainBoss returns to the equipment or space record. You will now see the new attachment in the specifications list.

If you ever need to change the attachment information (for example, if the location of the file changes), click on the entry for the attachment in the specifications list and then click Edit. MainBoss will open a window that lets you modify information about the attachment.

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