Browsing Purchase Orders

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The Purchase Order browser lets you examine previously created purchase orders. For example, if you want to edit an existing purchase order, you begin by opening the Purchase Order browser.

For general information on browsers, see Browsers and Editors.

To start the Purchase Order browser, select Inventory —> Browse Purchasing from the menu. The browser window contains the following:

Note: The list of summaries is sorted in alphabetical order, not in the same order as the purchase order numbers. This makes it easier to find a purchase order when you don't know the number but do know the summary. However, sorting in this way means that the "P/O Number" and "Summary" lists are in different orders (one numeric, one alphabetical). Therefore, a particular purchase order number and its associated summary will not usually line up beside each other on the screen.
For information about creating or editing purchase orders, see Creating a New Purchase Order.
Note: Once you specify that goods have been received, they are considered received even if you void the purchase order. If the goods weren't really received after all, you must fix the problem using an appropriate inventory adjustment (as described in Adjustments).

For more on purchase orders in general, see Purchase Orders. For more on creating purchase orders, see Creating a New Purchase Order.

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