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MainBoss's auditing facilities examine your database for errors and other unusual conditions. These conditions may arise from a variety of causes:

Some of the conditions listed in the audit report may not be actual errors. For example, MainBoss reports any date earlier than 1980 in the database. Most of the time, such an old date is evidence of a mistake when typing information; however, some organizations may have old equipment with a purchase date before 1980. In this kind of situation, you can simply ignore what the audit report shows.

The auditing window lets you correct some kinds of errors. With many types of errors, however, you may need to correct the situation using other parts of MainBoss. For example, suppose you delete a Priority code from the Priority table and MainBoss discovers a number of work orders that use the now non-existent code. The auditing window lets you blank out the priority code on such work orders, so that they no longer use the old code.

However, you may prefer to assign different priority codes to some of the work orders; in this case, you must use the normal facilities to open each work order and assign a new code. Alternatively, you may decide to restore the code you deleted (which means creating a new priority code with the same identifier as the deleted one).

The above example shows that it may take work to resolve the problems listed in the audit report—you may have to edit existing records, create table entries, and so on. We recommend that audit report problems be handled by someone who is thoroughly knowledgeable with your organization's operations.

Note: Before beginning an audit, we recommend that you reindex your database first (as described in Reindexing). For both reindexing and running the audit, make sure that nobody else is using the database at the same time.

To obtain an audit report, select Administration —> Database —> Audit from the menu. MainBoss begins by opening a window that indicates an audit is taking place; this window shows the audit's progress by displaying the names of the files that MainBoss is reading. You can cancel the audit by clicking Cancel in this window.

After the files in your database have been examined, MainBoss displays a new window stating the results of the audit. This window contains the following:

Other correction buttons may appear in the audit window to correct problems not mentioned above.

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