Exporting the Database in XML Format

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Experienced users may occasionally want to export data from MainBoss to other programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Access). Usually, you do this by using the Export button in a window that prints a MainBoss report (as described in Exporting Data). This exports selected data in a format that can be used by other database programs.

Another way to export data is with Administration —> Database —> Export XML. This exports all the data in your database. The data is exported in text XML format.

The XML format was inspired by HTML. It can be used to represent any sort of data and data structure. However, the data isn't really useful unless you have software that knows how to interpret it. This usually means that a skilled programmer must write a customized program that reads through the data and extracts whatever information you want to use.

In other words, you usually want to export data with the Export button rather than Export XML. The one exception is if you intend to transfer the entire contents of your database to a program that can interpret the XML output. You have to do this if you intend to upgrade from MainBoss Basic to MainBoss Advanced. You might also do it if you want to change from MainBoss to some other software package. (However, this will only work if the receiving software has facilities for reading MainBoss XML output.)

When you choose Export XML from the menu, MainBoss opens a window that contains the following:

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