IRRLAWNSPRNZ-A Irrigation, Lawn Sprinklers (Per Nozzle) - Annual

                                                      Man Hours .5
Special Instructions:

1.  Work to be performed prior to flushing out system.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Check nozzle and remove corrosion/encrustation.
2.___ Replace washers and/or "O" rings if required.
3.___ Clean unit thoroughly and inspect for freedom of operation.
4.___ On rotating types:  check throw regulator and spring assembly for
      tightness.  Lightly lubricate pivot arm and guide bushings.  Check
      adjustment screw and retaining spring.
5.___ Clean up work area on lawn, remove any debris around sprinkler heads.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
2.  Washers
3.  Lubricants.  Consult the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for hazardous
    ingredients and proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

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