Packaging MainBoss Files

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Q: How do I package up MainBoss files to send to MainBoss support?

A: Normally, you would use Administration —> Database —> Backup to create a backup file, then send us the file.

However, if your MainBoss database is very damaged (for example, because of a power failure at a critical moment), you may not be able to start the MainBoss program normally. If you try to start MainBoss in this situation, MainBoss will issue one or more messages indicating that the database files contain errors. MainBoss will then quit.

In such a situation, you can create a backup file by using MainBoss in its command line form. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Start a Windows Command Prompt application.
  2. In the command window, CD to the directory that contains your MainBoss software, as in:

    cd "C:\Program Files\MainBoss\2.9"

  3. Type the following command

    mboss backup /mbd:"DBDIR" /mzh:"FILENAME"

    where DBDIR is the name of the directory containing your MainBoss database and FILENAME is the name you want to give to the packaged files. For example, you might type

    mboss backup /mbd:"C:\MainBoss" /mzh:"package.mzh"

You can send the resulting file (e.g. package.mzh) to MainBoss support by E-mail or you can put it on a disk and mail it to us.

If the above process doesn't work, you can use WINZIP to create a ZIP file containing all the files in your database directory.

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