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Online Courses

MainBoss offers modular online courses on the use of specific MainBoss features. This is a great way to get training on MainBoss without ever leaving your office!

  • Courses will be offered on specific topics, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Each course will last about an hour.
  • Each course costs $250 per participant. Alternatively, customers who have paid for technical support incidents may exchange 2 incidents for participation in 1 regularly scheduled one-hour course.
  • Courses are limited to a maximum of 10 participants.
  • Participants will be connected by telephone conference-call (making it possible for you to ask questions as we go along). You'll also be connected to Team Viewer, a web facility that lets us demonstrate MainBoss operations on your own computer. It's like a personal teacher sitting with you at the computer. (However, we'll only be able to discuss issues pertaining to the specific course material, not to MainBoss questions in general.)


The following courses are currently scheduled. Click on any course title below for a description of what the course covers.

Apr 4Administrating MainBoss @Requests (MainBoss Basic)
Apr 5Administrating MainBoss Service (MainBoss Advanced)
Apr 6Accounting: MainBoss Advanced
Apr 11Installing MainBoss Basic
Apr 12Installing MainBoss Advanced
Apr 18Corrective Maintenance: MainBoss Basic
Apr 19Corrective Maintenance: MainBoss Advanced
Apr 25Preventive Maintenance: MainBoss Basic
Apr 26Preventive Maintenance: MainBoss Advanced
May 2Units: MainBoss Basic
May 3Units: MainBoss Advanced
May 9Inventory: MainBoss Basic
May 10Inventory: MainBoss Advanced
May 16Purchasing: MainBoss Basic
May 17Purchasing: MainBoss Advanced
May 23Reporting: MainBoss Basic
May 24Reporting: MainBoss Advanced
May 30Administration - IT (MainBoss Basic)
May 31Administration - IT (MainBoss Advanced)
Jun 6Administration - Functional (MainBoss Basic)
Jun 7Administration - Functional (MainBoss Advanced)


To register for any course, follow these steps:

  1. Print off our PDF registration form.
  2. Fill out the form and mail or fax it to us, using the information provided on the form.

As described on the form, payment is due upon registration.

If you have any questions about these courses, please email us at info@mainboss.com.