TELECOMM-Q Telecommunications - Quarterly

Application:                                                Man Hours .75

This covers TV monitors and cameras and telephone/intercommunication systems used
to monitor the operations of building or equipment and conditions of mechanical

Special Instructions:

1.  Review the manufacturer's maintenance instructions.
2.  Notify operating personnel before starting work.
3.  Place "out of service" tag or sign at monitors.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Check operation of units, including controls.
2.___ Clean the unit, including the interior by removing dust or other material
      which may cause shorts or arcing, by using vacuum or compressed air.
3.___ Check all connections for tightness and all wiring for signs of
4.___ Check linkages on cameras for proper alignment and lubricate pivot points.
      On fixed position cameras, move camera position slightly to prevent burning
      on of image on the video screen.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
    Plus  Insulated pliers and screwdrivers
          Wire strippers
          Wire crimpers
          Voltmeter - Ohmmeter - Milliammeter
          Clamp on meter(volt - ohm - amp meter)
          Soldering kit
          1/8" 25' fish tape
          Burnishing tool
2.  Portable vacuum cleaning solvent.  Consult the Material Safety Data Sheets
    (MSDS) for hazardous ingredients and proper personal protective equipment
3.  Approved electrical cleaning solvent.  Consult the MSDS for
    hazardous ingredients and proper PPE.

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