DRAINROOF-A Drains, Roof, Gutter (per 100') - Annual

                                                            Man Hours .5
Special Instructions:

1.  Use care when working on high places.
2.  Use safety line with belt if necessary.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Remove all trash, debris, or unsecured material from roof and
      dispose of properly.
2.___ Clean out all drains and gutters.
3.___ Where applicable, examine strainers in drains and/or screens over gutters.
4.___ If downspouts have heaters, test operation and correct deficiencies.
5.___ Test drains and/or downspouts by flushing with water.
6.___ Inspect gutters for adequate anchors, tighten if necessary.
7.___ Remove plant life that is growing on the roof, following approved methods.
      Do not allow roots to penetrate roof.
8.___ Clean up and remove all debris from work area.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
    Plus  Insulated pliers and screwdrivers
          Wire strippers
          Wire crimpers
          Voltmeter - Ohmmeter - Milliammeter
          Clamp on meter(volt - ohm - amp meter)
          Soldering kit
          1/8" 25' fish tape
          Burnishing tool
2.  OSHA approved ladders of appropriate size or scaffolding.  Check ladder for
    defects. Do not use defective ladders.

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