Service Contracts

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MainBoss can keep track of any service contracts on your equipment and spaces. Before you can create a service contract record, you must create a Vendor record for the contractor and Unit records for all the units covered by the contract.

Warranties: In order to record warranty information, just treat it like a service contract from the manufacturer. For example, if a unit has a two-year warranty, create a two-year service contract from the manufacturer and link it to the unit record. You can use the "Comments" field of the service contract record to note that this is warranty.

Preferred Service Providers: Service contracts may also be used to record preferred service providers. For example, consider a situation where a head office manages maintenance at many branches in different cities. If the branch in City X needs a plumber, who should head office call? This kind of question can be answered easily if every unit in every branch has an associated "service contract" record specifying the local contractor to call if something goes wrong. The "Comments" field of the record can note that this isn't a true service contract—it simply states a preference for whom to call if the unit needs servicing.

In other words, you use the service contract to specify a preference rather than a true service contract. This makes it easy to know who to call if something goes wrong. You can add additional service contracts to the unit record if you want to specify alternative contractors to call if your first choice isn't available.

For information on viewing service contracts, see Viewing Service Contracts. For information on creating and editing service contracts, see Editing Service Contracts. For information on printing service contracts, see Printing Service Contracts.

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