Unit Location Autocomplete

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
This help file does not exist in MainBoss 4.2.4, but the index for that version can be found here.

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Your organization has the option of using autocomplete for the "Unit Location" field in a request submitted via the web. The user starts by typing a few characters; the web page then downloads a list of units that contain those characters and the user can pick the appropriate unit from the list.

Autocomplete makes it easier for users to specify a unit. However, there are some potential disadvantages. If you have a large number of units whose names contain the characters that the user typed in, the user will be presented with a long list of names; this can be difficult for users to use, especially if they are submitting their requests using smart-phones with relatively small screens. It is also possible that the characters typed by the user don't match any known units; the user may have to make several attempts before guessing an appropriate name.

If your organization chooses not to use autocomplete, the "Unit" field in the created request will contain whatever the user typed in, whether or not it matches any known unit name.

If you wish to change your current autocomplete setting, you must edit a file associated with your web site. For details, see https://mainboss.com/support/faq/4/autocomplete.htm

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