This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
This help file does not exist in MainBoss 4.2.4, but the index for that version can be found here.

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Windows Administrator Privileges: Normally, you do not need Windows Administrator privileges to run MainBoss. However, you do need such privileges in the following cases:

SQL Server Administrator Privileges: SQL Server Administrator privileges are needed to perform backups and restores of the MainBoss database. SQL Server Administrator privileges are also needed to add new users to the list of recognized MainBoss users (Administration | Users). This is because the new user must be given appropriate permissions to use SQL Server to access the database. However, there is a way around this; for details, see Registering New Users with MainBoss.

MainBoss Administration Security Role: You need the MainBoss Administration security role in order to use the Administration section of the MainBoss control panel. This security role only applies to features within MainBoss itself, and has no effect on any other software.

The person who creates a MainBoss database is automatically granted the MainBoss Administration security role. That person must then authorize other users, or else authorize one user and then give that user the Administration security role so that he/she may authorize other users.

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