Comparing the DNS Name and Active Directory Name

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
This help file does not exist in MainBoss 4.2.4, but the index for that version can be found here.

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It is possible for the DNS name of a system to get out of synch with the Active Directory name. If the names get out of synch, all kinds of anomalous problems may occur. Therefore, it's important to make sure these names refer to the same thing. To do this, follow these steps (on both the server computer and the remote computer where you're having trouble):

  1. Open a Command Prompt window.
  2. Type the following:


    The system will display a list of information, including the IP address of the computer.
  3. Type the following:


    The system will display some information, then type > to prompt for more input.
  4. Type the name of the current computer (then press <Enter>). The computer will type the IP address of the computer.
  5. Type exit to quit the nslookup program.

Both ipconfig and nslookup should display the same IP address for the computer. If not, the names are out of synch and you'll have to reset one or the other. For information on resetting these names, see your Windows documentation.

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