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What's New in MainBoss Advanced 4.1, Update 3

The following changes have been made from earlier versions of MainBoss.

  1. The window that allows you to upgrade your database, select a new database, or import data from another MainBoss database now has a complete Help menu to make it easier for you to obtain information.
  2. This release corrects a bug that prevented seasonal exceptions from working correctly in the generation of preventive work orders.
  3. This release corrects a bug that caused incorrect physical counts when data was imported from MainBoss Basic.
  4. This release corrects a bug that interfered with autocompleting unit names when you have the Web Requests module.
  5. This release corrects a bug where importing data from MainBoss Basic 2.9 resulted in an incorrect MainBoss Service configuration.
  6. The Storeroom Assignment report now includes a "Physical Count Sheet Sort Order" field. This field disappeared as of MainBoss 4.0, but has now returned. Note that your organization must Upgrade its database in order for users to see the field again.















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