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MainBoss @Requests

MainBoss @Requests an add-on package to MainBoss Basic. It lets authorized users submit work requests by email. For example, the facility maintenance department might authorize one person in every other department to submit problem reports via email.

E-mail messages sent to @Requests must be in plain text format, not HTML. Furthermore, the messages cannot contain attachments. Since many people send all their e-mail in HTML format, and often use attachments, @Requests may not be suitable for your maintenance department. If it's important for you to process incoming e-mail automatically, we recommend that you investigate MainBoss Advanced rather than MainBoss Basic.

When such an email report is received, @Requests automatically creates a work request based on the message and places that message into the usual MainBoss database. The person who submitted the request is automatically sent an email acknowledgement that the request has been received. Acknowledgments are also sent when maintenance personnel create a work order based on the work request, and when the work order is closed (indicating that the job is done).

In other words, @Requests automatically handles the process of receiving problem reports, and automatically informs submitters about the report's progress. In this way, maintenance management won't have to spend as much time on the phone, answering questions about whether a report has been received and what has been done about it. The software communicates with requestors so you don't have to.

For information about licensing MainBoss @Requests, see our pricing information section. You can also learn more about @Requests by downloading the @Requests slide-show or by examining the @Requests online documentation pages.

@Requests makes use of the POP3 protocol for accessing email messages sent to the work request mailbox. Some IT departments may be concerned about the security of POP3; we have created a white paper explaining what POP3 is and how it can be configured to maximize its security.

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The reporting system is irreplaceable...the ability to track labor & material costs for future reference is phenomenal.
(Pam Graves, Facilities Service Dept.
St. Albert Protestant Schools)