MainBoss Solo
Getting Help

Online Help with F1

When you are using MainBoss Solo, the easiest way to get help is to press the F1 function key. Solo will attempt to establish an Internet connection with the web site. If you have a suitable connection, Solo will display a help page from the web site, explaining whatever window you are currently looking at in MainBoss. For example, if you are looking at a window displaying a work order, the help page will describe all the possible parts of a work order.

Video Walkthroughs

We have prepared a number of video walkthroughs to show you the basics of using Solo. The following are available:

FAQs and Known Problems

Our list of Frequently Asked Questions answers questions that new Solo users often ask. The Known Problems web page lists problems known to exist in Solo's software as well as suggestions and workarounds for dealing with those problems.

Thinkage strongly recommends that you check the FAQ and Known Problems pages if you are having difficulties with any aspect of Solo.

Downloadable Manuals

You may download PDF versions of Solo documentation. These can be printed or displayed onscreen using the Adobe PDF Reader. (To obtain the reader, go to and download Adobe Reader from the Downloads section.)

The following PDF manual is available:

Personal Support

Support for MainBoss Solo is primarily provided by the written and video documentation described above. Thinkage will charge for personal help (by phone or email) at the usual rates we charge for support on other software packages (see below). If, however, you encounter a problem caused by a bug in Solo, we will waive any associated charges.

Incidents: Each time you phone for help is called an incident. Depending on your question, an incident may be resolved in the same phone call or may take multiple calls before we solve your problem satisfactorily. You may pay for help on an incident-by-incident basis, or you may pay for several incidents in advance (which naturally costs less). Our current support prices (in U.S. dollars) are:

Phone numbers for MainBoss Support are given here.